The original inks from Canon, Brother, Epson and HP are of very good quality. That is a fact! But, we don't sell these inks! Why not?

Many original ink cartridges often contain 3 to 9 ml ink only whilst our compatibles usually contain 12 ml or more. At the same time our '' cartridges are 4 to 6 times cheaper so  you really pay (up to) NINETEEN times more for an 'original' ink cartridge!

If you have a high quality printer, print on photo paper and like to put your artwork on the wall (and stay crisp and clear for many years) we advise you to use inks from the above mentioned manufacturers.
If you need great quality ink for 'day to day' printing we see no reason why you would want to spent up to 19 times more than you need to! stand for simplicity, if you want an excellent product at a good price we are your business partner!


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